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Security Systems & Scaffold Alarms in London

With an increasing number of insurers making scaffold security a requirement, scaffold alarm systems have become commonplace for crime prevention and the avoidance of insurance claim refusals.

This increased demand has given rise to a host of providers offering temporary scaffold alarm systems that do not always meet requirements because of poor design, installation and inferior equipment.

Our approach to scaffold alarm systems follows three key principles:

  1. A thorough initial assessment of the area to be protected ensures effective system configuration and component selection.
  2. Our skilled design and installation team ensures that alarm systems maximise coverage whilst minimising false alarms.
  3. Once installed our control centre remotely monitors alarm systems for intrusions and system faults, ensuring the alarm system is always operational.

All installations use the e-Nova range of wireless alarms from Daitem which represent the very best in protection and prevention that the industry has to offer and deliver the following benefits:

  • ◉ Wireless installation eliminates the requirement for cabling between components, eliminating trip hazards and greatly reducing installation times.
  • ◉ Mains free operation offers complete flexibility when positioning system components and removes the need to run power from inside a building to the alarm system.
  • ◉ Modular configuration allows a range of alarm components including sensors, sirens, cameras and floodlights to be added to the system at any time.
  • ◉ Remote connectivity utilises mobile phone networks to send alerts to our control centre when intrusions and system events are detected.
  • ◉ Arm and disarm the scaffold alarm system at the touch of a single button using the remote key fob supplied with all installations.
  • ◉ Twin beam infra-red detection sensors can differentiate between the presence of animals and humans, reducing the number of false alarms.

Standard alarm kits are priced at £300+VAT and include controller unit, siren, keypad, remote fob and one sensor. Additional sensors and other components including cameras and floodlights can be added based on the area to be secured and client preference.

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